Intervista a Kasey McMahon

Qualche giorno fa abbiamo pubblicato un post relativo ad una scultura di Kasey McMahon. Kasey è un’artista americana (vive a Los Angeles) che potremmo definire “2.0”. Decisamente attenta alle evoluzioni della nostra società ed ai condizionamenti, positivi e negativi, che rivengono dallo sviluppo delle nuove tecnologie, Kasey indaga sul rapporto tra l’uomo e l’ambiente che lo circonda, sulle connessioni, non necessariamente cablate, che collegano l’uomo alla natura e sulle reciproche interazioni che si stabiliscono tra mondo umano e mondo naturale. Lo sguardo è quello di una moderna Alice che, rotto lo specchio attraverso il quale ha finora guardato la vita accadere, viaggia in nuovo Paese delle Meraviglie alla ricerca delle risposte alle domande fondamentali dell’uomo.

Pubblichiamo di seguito l’intervista che abbiamo recentemente ottenuto da Kasey; il testo è volutamente lasciato in inglese in modo da poter fruire e godere delle parole dell’artista nell’immediatezza della comunicazione; pubblicheremo comunque, a breve, una traduzione in italiano.

1. Let’s talk about your "Connected"…ethernet cables, steel wire, data cables…it’s like you have self portraited your personal interaction with technology. Am I right? How do you relate yourself with technology?

‘Connected’ is a life-size self portrait made of steel, CAT5 and other data cables. It is the first piece in a new series called ‘The Global Brain’. I’ve been exploring how interconnected we’re becoming as technology is more entwined in our lives – both the positive and negative effects. This piece is the product of a variety of experiments in different mediums trying to express the power of information in a human context – to visualize how technology and information are shaping our collective human experience. I’m fascinated by the way technology is changing and intertwining us as humans. A lot of my work explores the juxtaposition of organic, natural forms and mechanized technology. We’re literally wired and connected to each other in so many ways… I also am very intrigued by the way we weave computing into our daily lives. I find myself bound  to machines more than I ever would have imagined possible. I wanted to create a piece that conveyed that connectivity and dependence in a beautiful way.

2. Visiting your website ( I was fascinated by  your attention to the natural world. But I was also stunned by the way you mix it with tech: what is the relationship between this two worlds? Is yours a sort of nature 2.0 art?

Yes, in fact, the series you are referring to is called ‘Nature 2.0’. I am interested in demonstrating our diminishing relationship with nature – as we become increasingly reliant on technology, we disconnect from our natural environment. Nature is then a spectacle, an outing, a thing that is nonexistent in our daily lives. There is such elegant complexity in both the natural and technological realms – combining the two, while shocking at times, can also speak volumes. I am interested in exploring the detachment many humans feel as a result of existing in a linear built world that is intrinsically different from our natural environment.

3. There is a sort of "Alice in Wonderland" touch in you art..due to the way you combine tech, nature, maybe a sort of  otherworldliness, as you say in your profile on your website. What is imagination and what is its real power?

Imagination is freedom. It allows us to reach, it drives innovation. It pushes our limits – it’s powerful and amazing and beautiful. I’m dazzled by the power of imagination. I like to believe that a strong imagination and heart have the power to change the world.

4. Most of your work sounds to me like a sort of invitation to a more responsible "use" of the world we are living in. What is your opinion about this?

I think that is probably a reoccurring theme throughout my work. Some of it is quite unconscious, but it is prevalent. I’m very interested in the delicate balance existing between man, nature and technology and think it is important to think about the role humanity is playing as we culturally shift to a technologically driven society.

5. (in the end comes the "stupid" question) Would you define yourself as a geek one?

Yes, I would definitely define myself as a geek. I am utterly fascinated by technology and how it is changing the way we interact. I love that the world is now at our fingertips. It feels like the future.

Thanks a lot Kasey and keep geekin’on!


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